How to Style Your Home for Sale

There are many considerations when selling your home and one of the most important things is how it is presented. First impressions matter and, if you ensure that your home looks its best, your asking price will appear more acceptable to potential buyers.
If you decide to style your property yourself, here’s a list of things you may wish to consider to improve the look and feel of your home:Research other properties in your area and price bracket to see how they have been presented. Do they seem overpriced or desirable?Clear any clutter, yet maintain a homely feel. You want your house to still feel like a home, however, removing unnecessary items can not only make rooms more appealing but can often help them appear larger.Touch up. Ensure that any marks or chips on walls are touched up before open day. A thorough clean is also needed to make your home feel more liveable. Wash soft furnishings or purchase some ‘on trend’ items to freshen living areas.
Brighten and lighten. If you have blank walls in your home, consider purchasing art or mirrors that will style up your home and liven up bare spaces. Adding additional soft lighting will also help rooms appear more open.Street appeal. Ensure that gardens and exteriors are tended to including the removal of any weeds and cobwebs. Adding outdoor furniture will inspire prospective purchasers on how outdoor space can be used.Sensory experience. Fresh flowers and candles add a nice touch and stimulate the senses. Potted plants can also be a nice touch to breathe life into interiors.

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